Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Why Exfoliate?

Our skin has millions and billions of cells. Every day new cells are born and old cells die. The old cells lie on the skin’s surface, making your skin look duller, while absorbing your favorite moisturizer. They create a barrier over the new cells, which need moisturizing.

Regular exfoliation helps remove this dead cell layer, revealing the fresh new cells underneath. Choose an exfoliate (scrub) that is right for your skin type.

But does exfoliation destroy our skin’s protective layer? It depends on the type of exfoliant. If you have a laser treatment of any kind then yes, the skin loses it own protection. You have to wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure until your skin builds it up again.

Reasons to exfoliate your face and body

1. Remove the dead cell barrier.
2. Creams absorb better, increasing nourishment.
3. You don’t waste your moisturizer.
4. Your skin doesn't feel so dry.
5. Healthier, smoother skin.
6. Skin feels clean.

Skin types:  All - Never exfoliate acne or open blemishes as this could cause infection or use the proper product for your condition.

How to exfoliate

Select exfoliating cleanser that contain sea salt, nuts, and other grainy components. Exfoliate twice to three times a week.


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